What is Off Track Betting?

Off track betting allows you to place bets on horse or greyhound races from the comfort of your PC or at an established betting facility. Betting on horses is by far the most popular form of OTB, especially since many states have banned greyhound racing. The ability to place wagers online allows you to choose from hundreds of websites dedicated to this popular spectator sport.

Off Track Betting at its Best

OTB betting is regulated in America and is fully licensed. You no longer need to travel to the racetrack to place your bets, instead, you can hang out online, research your top choices and quickly place a bet day or night, seven days a week. And the best part is that you can now wager on the best races in the biggest racetracks all across the country, so you now have more wagering options and more opportunities to win.

Some of these sites will require you to sign up and become a member, charging you a small monthly fee, while other sites are totally free. Online betting has become so popular because it allows the bettor the chance to place a bet on a horse without leaving home, or having to rely on getting their call into the bookie on time before it’s too late.  This can be a major issue if the bookmaker is experiencing a high call volume before an important race.

image of otb facility

Since OTB has become so popular in the past few years hundreds of wagering sites have popped up all over the internet. However, avid bettors should know that not all sites are created equally. In order to ensure that you’re betting with a reputable site take a look at forums dedicated to OTB, where you’re sure to find lists of the best wagering sites in addition to listings of sites to avoid.

Why OTB is making it Big

No one can argue that a day at the track is way more exciting than placing a bet online, at home. However, for the avid bettor, it can be difficult or almost impossible to attend live races. While betting online takes away from the social component of the tracks, it’s a more convenient way to get your bets out there, quickly. If you don’t want to spend the day at home placing your bets you also have the option of visiting a sanctioned betting establishment where you’ll be able to watch the races live on the big screen and interact with other bettors, while you enjoy a few drinks and strategize for the next race.

However, the convenience of this type of betting can also be a downside for many, especially for those bettors who don’t know when to throw in the towel. Online betting has created a new wave of concern for individuals who are addicted to this form of gambling because it’s just too easy to place a bet and lose it all. Experts recommend setting a cap on the amount you wager a week and stepping away from the computer should you reach that cap. By putting aside the amount of money a week that you’re willing to lose and walking away once you’re at your limit, you’re controlling the situation and keeping your wagering under control.