Soccer Predictions and Betting Tips

There are numerous methods to use to determine soccer predictions and choose a winner, but it can be difficult for the newbie who isn’t familiar with the game or placing wagers in general. There are a few main ways to bet on this game, each of which can provide you with an impressive payoff if you bet wisely. Soccer predictions are based on team and player statistics, and win and losses for the season.

Soccer Predictions: Betting Options

In the game of soccer, there are several types of competitions, each of which includes varying rules. Because of this, it’s always a good idea to be well informed before you start betting on games. In many competitions, a draw can be the final result, so there are a few outcomes to bet on between team one and team two.

Wagers on a soccer game are based on results after an hour and a half of play time. This includes any time that’s added by the ref and other types of stoppages such as timeouts. Penalty shoot outs, golden goals or overtime don’t count towards betting because they aren’t considered regular play time. Because of the play time constraints, a draw is a possible outcome.

image of soccer players

Another way to bet on a soccer match is to take the two-way money line. This type of wager is also referred to as the draw, no bet. The two-way money line involves betting on the outcome of a game without the draw. This type of bet will eliminate the draw option and often features inflated odds on the soccer prediction for the favorite team and lower odds on the underdog to take the match.

The goal line wager is similar to the two-way money line wager. This type of bet allows you to bet on several outcomes of a match. This method is also similar to point spreads in basketball or puck lines in hockey. The goal line is usually 0.5 goals but for a match with favorites, the goal line can be 1.5, 2, 3 etc.

Betting totals in this game work differently than other types of sports. In soccer, scoring is minimal. Because of this, a bookmaker will usually set a total of 2.5 or 3 goals. As an example, if you bet on over two goals, half of your bet will be placed over two and the other half of your bet will be placed over two and a half. If the game results on two, then you will lose half of your wager and will get the other half back.

Betting based on Predictions

Many people choose to bet online and base their bets on soccer predictions made by professional handicappers or predictions that are computer generated and based on statistical analysis. There are several websites you can choose from, most of which will require you to obtain membership for free or for a small monthly fee. Each of these sites will feature a prediction table that displays the teams, odds of winning and dates of upcoming games. Often, these sites will also feature a tips section that includes the predicted score for each upcoming match.