NHL Picks: Putting on the Puck Line

Betting on the NHL doesn’t seem to get the same type of attention that other sports do, and the lines for NHL picks are not set by most books until game day, which makes it rare to find a line that doesn’t seem right. Betting on the puck line can be a great way to capitalize in cases where you think a certain team has an advantage and the line seems suspect.

NHL Picks vs. Betting on Baseball Games

NHL betting is somewhat similar to betting on baseball games. The puck line is the closest to the run line. Both types of sports are wagered on the money line, however, both the puck line and run line add in the spread element. With hockey, the puck line is 1.5 goals, while in baseball the spread in a run line is 1.5 runs. So with hockey, the puck line favorite will need to win by two or more goals in order for you to win your wager. Because it’s pretty difficult to win by two goals you’re taking a lot of risks. However, the payoffs for this type of wager are much higher.

image of hockey player

There is one obvious difference between run line and puck line wagers: a baseball team can score more runs than hockey players, making it easier for the bettor to win by two. While the power of betting on the puck line is obvious, there are some problems that can cost you big if you aren’t careful. Even with the larger payoffs, you can lose big time if you decide to bet on the puck line but don’t have a strategy in mind.

Researching Past NHL Wins

You should first consider defensive matchups. When you’re betting on the puck line, you need to pay attention to how effectively the opposing team will be able to defend the top two lines. If your chosen team is playing an away game, their opponent will be able to match lines because they will have the last line change. Because of this, focus on how the top lines performed against the same team in past games. This will give you a sense of a team’s checking ability and the odds that your team will win.

When betting the puck line you’re betting that your chosen team will dominate their opponent. Research whether your NHL picks has a big edge. You can do this by researching the team and the star players. If your team doesn’t have enough edge, then look elsewhere for the puck line. Pay attention to NHL history. If you find a game that you think has the potential for a puck line bet, take a look at the last ten or twelve games for both teams. You’ll want to make sure that the team you plan to bet on has won several games over that stretch by at least two games. You also want to ensure that the opposing team has lost several games by at least two or more over the same stretch.