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What is Off Track Betting?

Off track betting allows you to place bets on horse or greyhound races from the comfort of your PC or at an established betting facility. Betting on horses is by far the most popular form of OTB, especially since many states have banned greyhound racing. The ability to place wagers online allows you to choose from hundreds of websites dedicated to this popular spectator sport.

Off Track Betting at its Best

OTB betting is regulated in America and is fully licensed. You no longer need to travel to the racetrack to place your bets, instead, you can hang out online, research your top choices and quickly place a bet day or night, seven days a week. And the best part is that you can now wager on the best races in the biggest racetracks all across the country, so you now have more wagering options and more opportunities to win.

Some of these sites will require you to sign up and become a member, charging you a small monthly fee, while other sites are totally free. Online betting has become so popular because it allows the bettor the chance to place a bet on a horse without leaving home, or having to rely on getting their call into the bookie on time before it’s too late.  This can be a major issue if the bookmaker is experiencing a high call volume before an important race.

image of otb facility

Since OTB has become so popular in the past few years hundreds of wagering sites have popped up all over the internet. However, avid bettors should know that not all sites are created equally. In order to ensure that you’re betting with a reputable site take a look at forums dedicated to OTB, where you’re sure to find lists of the best wagering sites in addition to listings of sites to avoid.

Why OTB is making it Big

No one can argue that a day at the track is way more exciting than placing a bet online, at home. However, for the avid bettor, it can be difficult or almost impossible to attend live races. While betting online takes away from the social component of the tracks, it’s a more convenient way to get your bets out there, quickly. If you don’t want to spend the day at home placing your bets you also have the option of visiting a sanctioned betting establishment where you’ll be able to watch the races live on the big screen and interact with other bettors, while you enjoy a few drinks and strategize for the next race.

However, the convenience of this type of betting can also be a downside for many, especially for those bettors who don’t know when to throw in the towel. Online betting has created a new wave of concern for individuals who are addicted to this form of gambling because it’s just too easy to place a bet and lose it all. Experts recommend setting a cap on the amount you wager a week and stepping away from the computer should you reach that cap. By putting aside the amount of money a week that you’re willing to lose and walking away once you’re at your limit, you’re controlling the situation and keeping your wagering under control.

Soccer Predictions and Betting Tips

There are numerous methods to use to determine soccer predictions and choose a winner, but it can be difficult for the newbie who isn’t familiar with the game or placing wagers in general. There are a few main ways to bet on this game, each of which can provide you with an impressive payoff if you bet wisely. Soccer predictions are based on team and player statistics, and win and losses for the season.

Soccer Predictions: Betting Options

In the game of soccer, there are several types of competitions, each of which includes varying rules. Because of this, it’s always a good idea to be well informed before you start betting on games. In many competitions, a draw can be the final result, so there are a few outcomes to bet on between team one and team two.

Wagers on a soccer game are based on results after an hour and a half of play time. This includes any time that’s added by the ref and other types of stoppages such as timeouts. Penalty shoot outs, golden goals or overtime don’t count towards betting because they aren’t considered regular play time. Because of the play time constraints, a draw is a possible outcome.

image of soccer players

Another way to bet on a soccer match is to take the two-way money line. This type of wager is also referred to as the draw, no bet. The two-way money line involves betting on the outcome of a game without the draw. This type of bet will eliminate the draw option and often features inflated odds on the soccer prediction for the favorite team and lower odds on the underdog to take the match.

The goal line wager is similar to the two-way money line wager. This type of bet allows you to bet on several outcomes of a match. This method is also similar to point spreads in basketball or puck lines in hockey. The goal line is usually 0.5 goals but for a match with favorites, the goal line can be 1.5, 2, 3 etc.

Betting totals in this game work differently than other types of sports. In soccer, scoring is minimal. Because of this, a bookmaker will usually set a total of 2.5 or 3 goals. As an example, if you bet on over two goals, half of your bet will be placed over two and the other half of your bet will be placed over two and a half. If the game results on two, then you will lose half of your wager and will get the other half back.

Betting based on Predictions

Many people choose to bet online and base their bets on soccer predictions made by professional handicappers or predictions that are computer generated and based on statistical analysis. There are several websites you can choose from, most of which will require you to obtain membership for free or for a small monthly fee. Each of these sites will feature a prediction table that displays the teams, odds of winning and dates of upcoming games. Often, these sites will also feature a tips section that includes the predicted score for each upcoming match.

How to Bet on Horses: Handicapping like a Pro

Horse betting is a popular pastime because it’s a fast-paced two minutes that can result in instant cash if you know what you’re doing. How to bet on horses is all about paying attention to the betting trends set by the handicappers and learning about the past performances of the jockeys and of course the horses themselves.

How to Bet on Horses: Horse Health and Stamina

To start, learn more about the horses. Before you choose a horse to bet on, learn if the horse is in top condition. Take a look at how well they performed in past races. Also, if the horse has entered several races recently, this also indicates that they’re in good physical shape. If a horse has not raced in more than two months, take a look at their training workouts, which should be displayed beneath the statistics of their past performance line. The longer they have been out of the races the harder it will be for them to make a comeback. If the horse has been out of the game for several months, eliminate them as an option.

image of jockey and horse

Racing Style and Training: Rider Quality

Most horses will fall into a certain style of running, which is broken down into a few categories: front-runner, stalker, and closer. A pacesetter is a horse who runs in the lead while the stalker is a horse who remains close to the lead. The closer will run no more than five lengths from the pace. The front runner is usually the best option. This type of racing style is the most effective when unchallenged early on in a race. Choose the front runner with the best record for wins in past performances.

A stalker horse will rarely take the lead. They have the type of speed that allows them to stay close by and pass a front runner if the front runner tires easily. Choose the stalker when there are too many front-runners in a single game.

A closer horse is not always the best choice. You should only choose this type of runner if they have a good past racing performance record.

Many handicappers will wager on a horse based on the horse’s training. Pay close attention to who the person is that trained the horse you’re considering wagering on. Only choose a horse that works with a seasoned trainer. If you’re new to handicapping, you need to become familiar with all of the top performing trainers, this way, you can eliminate horses that have poor training and increase your odds of picking a winner.

Next, learn more about the jockeys. Take a look at the statistics for each track. A jockey must be strong, intelligent and possess good riding techniques. When you make your final decision, make sure the horse of your choosing has a jockey with a good track record. Many professional handicappers will eliminate some horses based on the rider alone.

Baseball Picks: The Money Line

In the summer, choosing baseball picks offers the seasoned bettor a wide variety of unique betting opportunities. Having a successful strategy in place means taking into account the performance of a team’s away game and home game records, the performance of the starting pitchers and bullpens and a team’s head to head records, not to mention research regarding the opposing team’s offense. Betting on a baseball game allows the seasoned bettor and the novice to win big, but it can also mean severe losses if you don’t do your homework.

Baseball Picks: Making it Big

In baseball, the bettor will be betting on the money line. But betting on the money line can come with a price, especially if you’re betting on the favorite, which typically pays off less than placing a bet on the underdog.

image of baseball players

Even the best team will lose about forty percent of the time during the season. So siding with a favorite team can be pretty risky if you’re new to betting. Choosing underdogs, especially home advantage underdogs, while keeping an eye out for solid pitchers found on bad teams, can have a major positive impact on your wallet.

Total betting will allow the bettor to wager on the total amount of runs that are scored by both teams. The odds makers will establish the betting line that represents the total amount of runs, with the bettor betting on either under or over that number.

Futures betting in baseball can be done during any time of the year. During the postseason, pennant races, offseason and the regular season, a bettor can place a wager on who they think will win division titles, the World Series or league pennants. When it comes to futures betting in baseball, these odds can change on a daily basis considering injuries, a player’s current performance level, and personnel changes. All of these aspects will play major roles in where the lines are set by a sportsbook.

Five Inning Line

The five-inning line is a money line that involves the score of a game after the first five innings to decide the winner, as opposed to basing a win on a game’s final score. This type of wager is similar to betting on the first half of a basketball game. The odds of this type of bet is pretty much the same as the odds you’ll get with a typical money line wager. But because of the short nature of the bet, the odds are heavily swayed by the starting pitchers.

Betting the total is the second most popular bet and it’s also referred to as over or under wagering. When betting on the total you’re betting whether the game’s total score will go over or under the amount of runs that have been predetermined by a sportsbook.

NHL Picks: Putting on the Puck Line

Betting on the NHL doesn’t seem to get the same type of attention that other sports do, and the lines for NHL picks are not set by most books until game day, which makes it rare to find a line that doesn’t seem right. Betting on the puck line can be a great way to capitalize in cases where you think a certain team has an advantage and the line seems suspect.

NHL Picks vs. Betting on Baseball Games

NHL betting is somewhat similar to betting on baseball games. The puck line is the closest to the run line. Both types of sports are wagered on the money line, however, both the puck line and run line add in the spread element. With hockey, the puck line is 1.5 goals, while in baseball the spread in a run line is 1.5 runs. So with hockey, the puck line favorite will need to win by two or more goals in order for you to win your wager. Because it’s pretty difficult to win by two goals you’re taking a lot of risks. However, the payoffs for this type of wager are much higher.

image of hockey player

There is one obvious difference between run line and puck line wagers: a baseball team can score more runs than hockey players, making it easier for the bettor to win by two. While the power of betting on the puck line is obvious, there are some problems that can cost you big if you aren’t careful. Even with the larger payoffs, you can lose big time if you decide to bet on the puck line but don’t have a strategy in mind.

Researching Past NHL Wins

You should first consider defensive matchups. When you’re betting on the puck line, you need to pay attention to how effectively the opposing team will be able to defend the top two lines. If your chosen team is playing an away game, their opponent will be able to match lines because they will have the last line change. Because of this, focus on how the top lines performed against the same team in past games. This will give you a sense of a team’s checking ability and the odds that your team will win.

When betting the puck line you’re betting that your chosen team will dominate their opponent. Research whether your NHL picks has a big edge. You can do this by researching the team and the star players. If your team doesn’t have enough edge, then look elsewhere for the puck line. Pay attention to NHL history. If you find a game that you think has the potential for a puck line bet, take a look at the last ten or twelve games for both teams. You’ll want to make sure that the team you plan to bet on has won several games over that stretch by at least two games. You also want to ensure that the opposing team has lost several games by at least two or more over the same stretch.