Baseball Picks: The Money Line

In the summer, choosing baseball picks offers the seasoned bettor a wide variety of unique betting opportunities. Having a successful strategy in place means taking into account the performance of a team’s away game and home game records, the performance of the starting pitchers and bullpens and a team’s head to head records, not to mention research regarding the opposing team’s offense. Betting on a baseball game allows the seasoned bettor and the novice to win big, but it can also mean severe losses if you don’t do your homework.

Baseball Picks: Making it Big

In baseball, the bettor will be betting on the money line. But betting on the money line can come with a price, especially if you’re betting on the favorite, which typically pays off less than placing a bet on the underdog.

image of baseball players

Even the best team will lose about forty percent of the time during the season. So siding with a favorite team can be pretty risky if you’re new to betting. Choosing underdogs, especially home advantage underdogs, while keeping an eye out for solid pitchers found on bad teams, can have a major positive impact on your wallet.

Total betting will allow the bettor to wager on the total amount of runs that are scored by both teams. The odds makers will establish the betting line that represents the total amount of runs, with the bettor betting on either under or over that number.

Futures betting in baseball can be done during any time of the year. During the postseason, pennant races, offseason and the regular season, a bettor can place a wager on who they think will win division titles, the World Series or league pennants. When it comes to futures betting in baseball, these odds can change on a daily basis considering injuries, a player’s current performance level, and personnel changes. All of these aspects will play major roles in where the lines are set by a sportsbook.

Five Inning Line

The five-inning line is a money line that involves the score of a game after the first five innings to decide the winner, as opposed to basing a win on a game’s final score. This type of wager is similar to betting on the first half of a basketball game. The odds of this type of bet is pretty much the same as the odds you’ll get with a typical money line wager. But because of the short nature of the bet, the odds are heavily swayed by the starting pitchers.

Betting the total is the second most popular bet and it’s also referred to as over or under wagering. When betting on the total you’re betting whether the game’s total score will go over or under the amount of runs that have been predetermined by a sportsbook.